Thursday, January 01, 2015

The honest disdain of NYC theater people

You have to kind of almost admire the refusal of theater people in off-off Broadway to suck up to you in any way. I pay actors and stage managers typically much more than the usual fee to work for me and although I'm friends of theirs on Facebook, they generally have no interest in even pretending they are an actual friend.

One actor I've worked with for several years has made it blatantly clear that she has absolutely zero interest in any kind of friendship with me, in spite of my consistently treating her well. And the stage manager I worked with recently just posted something on Facebook talking about the great things she did this year and did not mention our project together, in spite of winning an award for it. And in spite of that, another actor on that same project clicked "Like" on that post. It's mind-boggling.

I mean I pay these people. I don't expect them to pretend to be my best friend but Jesus Christ you'd think for the sake of their own careers they would make a tiny effort. The utter disdain is absolutely breath-taking.

I really question more and more why I do this theater thing. It's incredibly expensive and by and large the people involved in theater are complete narcissistic assholes.

New years resolution: avoid theater people who disrespect me like the plague.