Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The curse of heat included

As anybody who's lived in an apartment knows, having heat included with your rent comes with a big drawback - you can't control the heat. What that means for me in this apartment is that whenever it's windy in the winter my apartment is freezing because there's like zero insulation in the windows - and in fact I actually realized this winter that there's a gap between the top of the window in my living room and the wall - in other words there's a sliver of space that let's the outdoor wind blow directly into my apartment.

I have a space heater but sometimes I just have to walk around my apartment wearing a coat, while Miss Willow hides in the closet with the coats and Mr. Fuzz tries to rest on my chest - I usually make him go under a blanket as an alternative, which he will, but he much prefers to stay warm via my personal body heat.

When it's not windy it's usually blazing hot because the heat builds up - we get the same amount of heat whether it's 20 degrees and blowing up a gale, and 50 degrees and sunny and calm.

But an even worse feature of no-heat-control for me is that my apartment uses steam heat and those radiators can get really loud once they have a head of steam going. Normally this isn't a problem - unless I'm trying to make a video. And then it's a disaster because it ruins the sound. And I always make NYCPlaywrights videos on a very tight schedule - we rarely run over two hours. So we can't sit around waiting for the god-forsaken radiator to shut up, we have to keep recording and hope I can mask out the sound in post-production. Which I can but at a cost of reduced audio quality, which can be heard in the lastest NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month winner, posted below. I did what I could with it but you can still hear some definite weirdness. *sigh*

Other than that, I think this is one of the better Play of the Month directing/editing jobs I've done, although it also helped that I just happened to find two actors who fit the roles in the play perfectly.