Friday, March 15, 2013

OMFG - Compulsive Love is even more insane than I could have imagined

I know I said I was done with the execrable web series Compulsive Love but I couldn't resist taking a peek to see more of the train wreckage. And wow, talk about male fantasies - these people are off in cloud cuckoo-land! In this week's episode an attractive woman plays pool for money against Ratface, and she wins, and Ratface won't pay up because he's a complete fucking asshole, so - and even though I knew this was coming I still couldn't believe it - she makes him pay off the $500 gamble by making him perform oral sex on her. Heehee! You gotta love the Male Fantasy Planet where men are "punished" for being complete assholes by being "forced" to perform oral sex. This web series is truly one for the ages!

Sorry I can't say what happened in the rest of the episode, I just couldn't go on. I'm going to guess that Ratface has sex on-camera with another attractive woman who just can't get enough of ratty little men and then she breaks up with him because she's just so caraaaaaazy!

Jesus H. Christ I'd rather watch Romanian porn.