Friday, March 29, 2013

Seen around Long Island City

During a recent work-day break.

The first croci of spring - yay.

Looks like the International Sales office of Jolly Time
popcorn is right around the corner from where I work.
And you didn't even know they had an International
Sales office.

Bet you didn't know the Black Car Industry had a home.

Now this was odd from a Catholic
iconography perspective - this
appears to be a shrine
to Our Ladyof Guadalupe
(she visited a peasant named
Juan Diego) but this is
in front of the St. Patrick's church.

I saw this Rastafarian banana hanging from
the cast iron ceiling of the local Key Foods

These odd pyramids are on my company's premises.
I assume they are sculptures. Since my company
is involved in financial services
I thought maybe they are meant to evoke
the pyramid on the dollar bill.

The dollar bill pyramid, AKA "The Eye of Providence"

Read all about the development of this symbol here.