Sunday, March 10, 2013

See yah IKEA wouldn't wanna be yah

Normally I would never dream of buying "bakelse prinsess" but I was completely  flummoxed by IKEA in Red Hook Brooklyn at 8:30 PM on Saturday night, not to mention severely dehydrated and I blame those factors.

My IKEA bed which I've had since I quit co-habitating with my last boyfriend was falling apart and since I have a weekend guest I didn't have the option of sleeping on the sleeper sofa in the living room, so I schlepped to IKEA, thinking I could get a new bed or at least a new batch of the funky wooden slatts that IKEA uses for virtually all of its beds. But between the long lines and my uncertainty as to how to lug the heavy slatting home - I had taken the complimentary IKEA shuttle bus from the R train at Court Street - not to mention the dehydration - I gave up and ran for the Swedish Market and purchased a bottle of water and then these pink cakes caught my eye and I just bought them. But I figured I could give them to my guest but then while I was waiting on the shuttle bus for like ever, I actually ate one of them. And they were partially frozen.

I've gone up and down in weight all my life - I've gone through periods of being quite thin and the opposite. But it doesn't take eating princess cakes for me to gain weight - all I have to do - especially now - to gain weight is to eat healthy foods without working out all the time. So that's all I need, extreme desserts.

Luckily I can afford a personal trainer again. Because I sure need one.

And it turned out the the problem with my bed wasn't so much the slatting as the screws of the bed frame were loose, allowing the slatting to fall through. So I tightened the screws and voila. I sure could have saved myself a hassle. If I ever go to IKEA again it won't be on a Saturday night in Brooklyn, that's for sure.