Monday, January 07, 2013

Your odd predilections

I find this Miracle Whip commercial vastly amusing, especially when the village woman says "nor your odd predilections" - I always have to LOL whenever I hear it.

I keep hoping the expression "your odd predilections" will catch on, so towards that end, I have someone in my BEN FRANKLIN play use the phrase. I'm hopeful putting it in a play will help, but maybe I'm overly-optimistic - the word "senamensing" hasn't caught on yet, in spite of my efforts to popularize it by putting it into my sonnets. Although hopefully more people will see the play than saw my sonnets.

Senamensing isn't my own invention - it's a Lenni-Lenape word that means "sweet water" and it was mangled into "Cinnaminson" which is the name of a township just north of where I grew up in South Jersey.

I repurposed the word into a metaphor for romantic love (which I contrasted with the saltiness of sexual desire in this sonnet), whereas I think the Lenni-Lenape were talking about actual potable water.