Friday, January 18, 2013

Ugly Australian man passes judgment on women

What is the deal with the Daily Show and its horrible advertisers?

First there is a movie called "Movie 43" and its advertisement asks: "what are all these huge stars doing in this movie?" The only stars I remember seeing in the ad are Richard Gere and Hallie Berry, and since I've never heard of either of them being a shining beacon of integrity or discernment, I'm going to guess that it has something to do with some asshole producers seeking to cash in on the all-powerful moron market offering them big wads of cash. Because really, what other reason could persuade someone to lend their name to such brain-dead swill? I've heard wisecracks from junior high kids that demonstrated a more sophisticated take on race and gender and social mores.

Disgusting slob fantasizing what it would be like
if women wanted to have sex with him.
But even more obnoxious than Movie 43 is an ad for what I assume is a television show that I will never watch. The show advertises itself by depicting an ugly overweight Australian man sitting on a park bench passing harsh judgment on women walking by.

WHO ARE THE ASSHOLES who these advertisers think might watch these shitty movies and TV shows? Maybe I was being idealistic but I assumed that the Daily Show viewers were cooler than this. Apparently advertisers, at least, believe there is a considerable segment of Daily Show viewers who are idiots, misogynists and oafish assholes. Gross.