Monday, January 21, 2013

The odd predilections of Mr. Fuzz

Here we see one of the many odd predilections of Mr. Fuzz - sometimes he likes to lounge around on his back like a person. You would never see Miss Willow, my more normal cat, chilling like this.

Another of his odd predilections is that he can't really enjoy eating unless he has a mousie toy to roll around in his cat food. It has to be a real fur mousie, not a fake fur mousie and he can totally tell the difference. The best thing of all is to skin the mousie toy and chew up the fur, leaving a plastic chassis that I will later find on the floor somewhere. I guess I should feel lucky he doesn't try to eat the plastic.

He hates water. This is normal for most cats and I'm not saying Miss Willow loves water, but Mr. Fuzz doesn't even like to get a drop on himself. If he does he runs away in terror. To my knowledge he's never had a bad experience with water, and he likes to drink it. But it just cannot touch his fur. Which turns out to be convenient because all I have to do to get him to stop doing something naughty - like trying to eat Miss Willow's food - is to pretend I'm flicking water at him. I must have done it once with actual water, although I don't remember, but he sure does and that memory still causes him to panic at the sight of flicky-water hand.

His newest odd predilection is he likes me to carry him around the house on my shoulder. He just hangs over my shoulder, checking everything out as I walk around the apartment - and since there's only four rooms including a bathroom and a kitchen, it doesn't take that long. And it can't be especially thrilling for him, he's already gotten to the highest point in every room in the apartment, although sometimes I boost him up to the top shelf of the hall closet, which he can't reach by himself. He enjoys that, although he almost immediately starts looking around on the walls and the ceiling of the closet - I assume for a secret passage.