Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where are you Jill?

I'm now only one month shy of being in this apartment for three years. And I am still getting mail for the prior resident, Jill.

Jill appears to have cleared out without leaving a forwarding address. Which isn't so bad when you're trying to outrun your creditors - and I got plenty of mail from them for Jill in the first year I lived here. But I figured after a couple of years it would stop. But I still get the occasional junk mail for Jill.

And Christmas cards.

How sad is that, when someone who feels close enough to send you a Christmas card hasn't been informed that you moved out - three years ago? I got another one for Jill just today.

In the past I've always chucked Jill's Christmas cards, figuring it was none of my business - and she didn't give me a forwarding address either. But now in the third year I feel like this family in Great Falls Montana deserves some kind of notification. I opened their Christmas card this year - and it's one of those cards made up of photos of the people sending the card - not even a bland generic card, but a small family album that's been sent, poignantly, to the wrong address.

I guess what I'll have to do this year is send them a Christmas card myself and let them know the situation. Maybe they can track her down on Facebook...