Monday, November 12, 2012

head-up display

While researching film clips on Youtube to possibly use for the NYCPlaywrights October Play of the Month production - obviously I'm late on it - I came across a clip from Terminator 2, the scene where the now good-guy Terminator comes back from the future (again) and needs clothing. He goes into a biker bar and mayhem ensues.

The text that shows up when you see the world through the Terminator's POV is always interesting, but it goes by so fast that you can't read most of it unless you pause it. With Youtube it's extremely easy to pause.

The screen shot here is of the biker whose clothes are deemed a suitable fit (0.99 fit probability it said on screen) by the Terminator. The biker blows smoke at the Terminator and what we see on the screen here is the Terminator "threat assessment" of the cigarette smoke coming at him. I thought it was pretty funny that the cigarette smoke was labeled "carcinogenic vapor" but also in the analysis section the Terminator determines that there was no particulate damage - which there wouldn't be, because it's just smoke.

Predictably there is a Terminator wiki with a post devoted to the Terminator POV screen display, called a "head-up display."