Saturday, November 03, 2012

This explains sooooo much...

Poll: Most Republicans believe in demonic possession

Less than one week away from the election, a terrifying new poll reveals that more than two-thirds of registered Republican voters believe that people can be possessed by demons. 
A staggering 68 percent of registered Republican voters stated that they believe demonic possession is real. Meanwhile, only 48 percent of self-identified Republicans believe in another equally if not more scary natural phenomenon: climate change.
But what I found most unbelievable was at the end of the article:

The poll also revealed that zombies are considered to be the scariest monster, another issue that has not been raised at all on the campaign trail.

Oh come on! Have they never heard of the Alien from the movie? How about your run-of-the-mill vampire even? Zombies are only a danger if you're in some enclosed space and/or really dumb. They must not read Cracked...

7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)

#7. They Have Too Many Natural Predators 
Do you know why we, as humans, are at the top of the current food chain? Not because we're hard to kill (well, with the exception of Steven Seagal). We're not; we're little more than tasty flesh bags waiting for an errant horn or claw to spill our guts like a meat pinata. No, we're on top simply because we are so absurdly good at killing things ourselves. A good offense, as they say, is the best de-LOOK THERE'S A DUCK! MURDER IT! 
We are simply too smart and too well-armed for any wild animal to hunt. Now consider the poor zombie. It lacks every single advantage that has kept humanity from being eaten to extinction. It wanders around in the open, it can't use weapons, it can't think or use strategy. It doesn't even have the sense of self preservation to run and hide when it's in danger. And, it's made entirely out of food. It's easy prey for any animal that wants it. 
If you're saying, "Sure, but it's not like my city is full of bears that can come eat all the zombies," you need to think smaller. Insects are a major pain in the ass for living humans, and in some cases, being able to swat away flies and having an immune system is the only thing keeping us from having our eyes and tongues eaten out by maggots. Zombies in any part of the world with a fly problem are going to be swarming with maggots in short order, meaning that most of their soft tissues will be infested, and their eyes will be very quickly useless.

Even more reasons at the site...

I still haven't started my play about a zombie outbreak, which I mentioned two years ago:
So in my play there is a zombie invasion, but the biggest problem is how to dispose of all the zombie carcasses in the most sanitary yet environmentally friendly way.
Gotta get on that soon...