Sunday, November 04, 2012

Borowitz on the election

Unfortunately I can't embed this video clip of Andy Borowitz at the 92nd Street Y so you'll just have to follow the link to the New Yorker site. It's well worth it.

I only became aware of Borowitz in the past couple of years, thanks to Facebook and Twitter - he is the master of the funny Twitter riposte, as I said back in March. But also he's a very good public speaker. And he can write longer comedy bits too - this "Three Things to Do When Clarence Thomas’s Wife Calls You" is genius.

I have to agree with the stranger in the subway, which he mentions at the top of the clip - he really should think about a nose job - he'd be really cute except for his nose is severely messed up. Although he's in his mid-50s and married so you could make the case that there isn't all that much to be gained at this point.

UPDATE: I finally bothered to read his bio on Wiki - turns out he created the series "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." And here I am thinking Twitter is his big claim to fame.

Here he is at a different 92nd St. Y event.