Monday, September 17, 2012

my Schopenhauer hubris

I thought my reference to Schopenhauer in JULIA AND BUDDY could be the first ever on the New York stage. Not even close.

And I had to find out from John Simon of all people. Simon has a blog and he says:
"even the fancy stripper in Pal Joey thinks of Schopenhauer while she works"
PAL JOEY - a musical yet, originally produced in 1940. Made into a movie with Frank Sinatra. Here's Rita Hayworth doing the song that mentions Schopenhauer:

"I was reading Schopenhauer last night, and I think Schopenhauer was right."

Of course I still hang onto the hope that my play will be the first time that Schopenhauer appears as a character on stage.

I did another Xtranormal animation - this one is an enactment of scene 6,  the fever-dream sequence with Schopenhauer in JULIA AND BUDDY. They now give you a German accent voice to work with. Of course the character looks more like Freud than Schopenhauer, but that's the closest I could get. Also they had no dog-barking sound effects, so Atma sounds like a crow. Oh well, you can't have everything.

And there was a happy accident - sometimes Xtranormal can't properly reproduce some words - even worse than some of them in this animation - the word "philosopher" is pretty hit-and-miss. The line originally said: "That fool Hegel! That anybody should still read his inane twaddle - it is beyond belief." But Xtranormal could not say "inane twaddle" within a country mile, so I decided to make it easy and have him speak a German word - which the voice algorithm is set for anyway - so now he says "That anybody should still read his scheisse" - and I think enough people know what that word means that it will get a laugh. And that's important for a romantic comedy. JULIA AND BUDDY has plenty of romance, I always feel like I need to punch up the comedy. It's slowly getting funnier.

And here is JULIA AND BUDDY scene 4 animation I did a year and a half ago. This scene always gets laughs.

These are the only scenes from the play that I will do Xtranormal animations for. Two scenes is enough.