Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boxer don't knock me down

I was in the Pret a Manger down the block from my office and they were playing this and it blew my mind. I paid one of the guys at the counter a buck to go downstairs and see whose CD was playing. Now I'm listening to this song on a loop. I was attracted by the music but the lyrics are great too:

What a drag not to know how you are, or which of us got the raw deal.
I was a dagger but in whose heart?
I was the dirt beneath whose wheel?
Boxer, don't knock me down.
Writer, don't write me out.
Stranger, let's not stay estranged.
Lover, are we going separate ways?
And don't I get a say?
Hey, hey, hey.
What a drag not to know how you are.
What a drag not to know how you feel.
I tore the banner around your heart.
I tore the banner that said "ideal."
Today I'm thinking of you in a new way.
The band is Lovers and to my amazement they don't even have a Wiki page - I must remedy that soon.
 Here is their web site.