Saturday, June 16, 2012


I finally saw VENUS IN FUR on Friday night and I pretty much have the same opinion of the play as I did when I read it - there isn't actually much conflict, other than a little slap and tickle. Really it's just a guy's sexual fantasy - and I mean that literally - at one point near the end the Vonda character says "was I here"? I really don't like plays about imaginary people - what's the point? It's already imaginary because it's a play.

And I got pretty bored a few times - Vonda's wacky-gal exclamations are funny for the first fifteen minutes or so, but it gets pretty old after that. 

But Vonda is a twist on the manic pixie dreamgirl trope - she's the manic pixie dominatrix.

Nina Arianda did a good job - she just won a Tony for best lead actress in the role, but I was mainly watching Hugh Dancy - it was great to see him again, since I really don't want to see Hysteria for a third time... or do I?