Friday, June 15, 2012

End this depression now!

I finally got Krugman's latest from the library and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to read it.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying Krugman's Friday column in which he derides the obnoxious, arrogant creep R. Glenn Hubbard (scroll down to see more of what I think of Hubbard) as a traitor - another richly deserved epithet for Hubbard:
Actually, it’s kind of ironic. While Republicans love to engage in Europe-bashing, they’re actually the ones who want us to emulate European-style austerity and experience a European-style depression. 

And that’s not just an inference. Last week R. Glenn Hubbard of Columbia University, a top Romney adviser, published an article in a German newspaper urging the Germans to ignore advice from Mr. Obama and continue pushing their hard-line policies. In so doing, Mr. Hubbard was deliberately undercutting a sitting president’s foreign policy. More important, however, he was throwing his support behind a policy that is collapsing as you read this.

In fact, almost everyone following the situation now realizes that Germany’s austerity obsession has brought Europe to the edge of catastrophe — almost everyone, that is, except the Germans themselves and, it turns out, the Romney economic team.
Needless to say, this bodes ill if Mr. Romney wins in November. For all indications are that the his idea of smart policy is to double down on the very spending cuts that have hobbled recovery here and sent Europe into an economic and political tailspin. 

I find myself looking at Iceland pretty often these days and if Romney wins... I wonder what kind of theatre scene they there? It's already one of the best places in the world for women.