Sunday, June 24, 2012

more Iceland

I guess with the weather being so hot these days I naturally think more of Iceland. I really must go there some day. I confess I love that the country is named after a state of one of the basic elements. It's like having a Vaporland or a Waterland.

Here is the Pippi Longstocking of Iceland again. This time she's at an Icelandic party - god those people are animals!

And here's an ancient silent movie about Iceland of all places. It's fascinating just because of the concept that there were people in Iceland in the 1920s. Albeit as the movie points out, only 21,000 of them.

But Dear Odin I am so morbid. Every time I see an old movie I always think "wow, most of those people are dead and even the little children are old people now."

And I mean every time. God that's tiresome.

At the end of the movie is Icelandic wrestling. I'll think you'll agree that it's no surprise it never caught on.