Monday, June 18, 2012

the heroine with the hair of evil

I was pretty amazed when I saw Pixar's latest lead character in its new movie Brave. Not only is she a girl - the first time they've ever done that in a Pixar movie - but she has the hair of evil.

I never thought I'd see that. And they don't have her braid it or anything, she just lets her freak flag fly. Wow.

And this character sketch - boy does that bring back memories. How many times did my mother or some female relative have to torment me in order to tame my hair? I still remember hiding under my grandmother's dining room table to avoid the torture. My grandmother liked to get all the tangles out of my hair and as if that wasn't enough, would proceed to install these rollers - nice and tight - all over my head so I would have big fat curls the next morning. I gather she considered Margaret from Dennis the Menace -  also a redhead -  the pinnacle of girl style.