Saturday, November 13, 2010

how do you get to Carnegie Hall?

I decided I am going to take advantage of the piano that is provided on request for those who do Friday Night Footlights at the Dramatists Guild for incidental music for the JULIA & BUDDY reading - and I decided to play it myself. Partly because it would be too expensive to hire a professional pianist to sit there and do about four segments of one-minute long pieces, and also because it would be nice to play in public just once. I've been playing piano since I was seven but never had the interest in putting in all the hours necessary to be an accomplished player, and have remained content at the low-intermediate level. And so I have never performed in public.

This isn't really "public" since those in attendance will mostly be friends and well-wishers, and the music is of course incidental, but you can't start at Carnegie Hall can you? Nevertheless, I'm putting in several hours a week into practice sessions - although it would help if I finished composing the pieces. But I guess all playing time is helpful even if it is just fiddling around and improvisation.
And to get to Carnegie Hall you take the N, Q or R trains.