Friday, March 05, 2010

Hot Man in Regency Period Clothing of the Week - March 5, 2010

Well this week's edition of Hot Man in Regency... seems to actually be PRE-Regency - the dude's ponytail is a give-away. But I couldn't resist the title, "A Bath Intrique" - I'm imagining some wild bathtub scenario - in short, I WAS intrigued... but alas the intrigue is not in a charming iron claw-footed antique bathing apparatus, but rather in the city of Bath.
Cassie Wyndmoore's brains have always been her distinguishing characteristic. Of course, most gentlemen prefer a pretty wife over a clever one - which is fine with Cassie, who prefers reading to flirting. That is, until a trip to Bath puts her carriage out of service, and Cassie in the path of a helpful "stranger" who doesn't recall that they've met before. Cassie has been smitten with Derek Leighton ever since he courted one of her beautiful sisters. Yet now that he's paying attention to her instead, Cassie can't help wondering about his motives - especially when he seems unduly interested in some strange documents she discovered on a park bench...It is a rare thing to encounter a lady whose intelligence places her above and beyond the fairest of the ton. And for the Earl of Richmond, more surprising still that a woman he found unremarkable upon their first meeting has now engaged his interest so completely. True, Cassie is possessed of important papers that Derek must obtain in order to defeat a French spy - but in attempting to seduce her into turning them over, Derek soon realizes he has given away his heart. Now, his mission is twofold: Prove his loyalty to the Crown...and his love to Cassie.

*sigh* no rubber duckie action this time around.