Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good women return

It looks like I'm finally going to produce my play GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE at the Playlab. I did a reading of it back in November and the actors insisted on reading this bit of stage direction:
(Debbie-Lisa and Lisa-Jean each possess a pellet of super-concentrated black hole anti-matter in the core of her being. The pellet is deeply offended by such a display of innocent, unself-conscious affection. Debbie-Lisa and Lisa-Jean look at each other, thinking the same thing: Courtney must be made to suffer.)
I was really pleased the actors liked this - I liked it. It gets at the ultimate inscrutability of mean girls - they seem to be basically sadists, inflicting pain on those less mean than themselves and just because they can. They seem to me to be a real source of evil in the world.