Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dargis, Joplin & Jones

Great article in Monday's NYTimes by the ever-cooler Manohla Dargis:
Even before the nominations were announced on Feb. 2, as she picked up one award after another, including from her peers at the Directors Guild, people who don’t usually talk about women and the movies were talking about this woman and the movies. Uncharacteristically, the issue of female directors working — though all too often not working — was being discussed in print and online, and without the usual accusations of political correctness, a phrase that’s routinely deployed to silence those with legitimate complaints. I don’t think I’ve read the words women and film and feminism in the same sentence as much in the last few months since “Thelma & Louise” rocked the culture nearly two decades ago.

And now for something completely different - Janis Joplin sings a duet with... Tom Jones?!?