Thursday, November 13, 2008

to the Met!

I am so excited by the fact that the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be in my very own neighborhood - I plan to be there all the time. I'm especially looking forward to getting to see some actual Ingres drawings - whenEVER they decide to finally display one - and the new Greek and Roman Galleries.

I wonder if they'll display one of the many pornographic red-figure Greek vases in existence - I'm sure they have at least a few in their collection. They probably won't - I mean we are talking very explicit stuff, including homosexual and kinky stuff. From relatively vanilla straight sex - cowgirl style - to gay three-way, to the ever-popular satyr orgy. I'd venture to say that before the Internet, the largest collection of pornographic images ever created were on the pottery of the ancient Greeks.

Although other cultures certainly created their share