Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Is Up, and Fans Fear That Jinxes It

Glad to see I'm not the only one with election anxiety
Richard Schrader, a senior staff member for a national environmental organization, lives in Amherst, Mass., where politics start liberal and traipse left. He is fairly liberal, but his neighbors worry that he does not worry nearly enough. "They wake up, drink that pot of coffee and hit the polling Web sites," Mr. Schrader said. "Too much good news has to be a lie."

Recently he sat down with a friend who was sweating about Minnesota.

"Minnesota?" Mr. Schrader told his friend. "What, are you kidding me? Obama's up 14 points there."

The friend shook his head sadly. Take off seven points for hidden racial animus. Subtract another five for polling error. It is down to two points, and that is within the margin of error in sampling, and that could mean Mr. Obama might be behind.

"It was perversely impressive," Mr. Schrader said.

Our country's fate is hanging in the balance - Obama has to win.

If Obama does win I think a big factor will be those who prefer McCain, but can't bring themselves to put Sarah Palin in line for the presidency, won't bother voting at all.