Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm a New Yorker now - you gotta problem wid dat?

Well I had planned to get rid of my car anyway, and now I'm doubly sure of that plan of action. Parking in Yorkville is BRUTAL. I thought Weehawken was bad. I drove around for literally an hour without finding any parking spots. And maybe I was getting punchy after awhile, but it sure seems like there are more fire hydrants here than anywhere else. Does the fire department really need like 10 hydrants per block? Oy!

That being said - I love my new neighborhood. It has everything, in addition to being a 20 minute walk from the Met and Central Park. Why did it take me so long to move here? Oh yeah - so many reasons. But I'm glad I finally moved on up to the East Side, to a three-floor walkup near Carl Schurz Park.