Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spaulding Gray/Our Town

God I love Spaulding Gray. I first knew of him when I was home sick from work one day and caught Lincoln Center's production of OUR TOWN on PBS. Then I saw Swimming to Cambodia and I was hooked. I even dragged my (ex) boyfriend, my daughter and her (ex) boyfriend to Manhattan (when I lived in South Jersey and had very little disposable income) to see him do his monologue "It's a Slippery Slope" back in the mid-90s.

You can see Spaulding at the end of this clip, which is the end of the LC OUR TOWN production, and which has to be violating all kinds of copyright laws by being on youtube. So until they take it down, watch it.

OUR TOWN is a masterpiece and not JUST because the set and props expenses for the play are minimal - although, having just gone through an expensive costume production of JANE EYRE myself I REALLY appreciate that aspect of the play. I wrote an essay Why OUR TOWN is Great, defending the play against too-kewl hipsters.