Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Twisty Faster sez...

Fuck culture

I have some fairly deep disagreements with Twisty - she claims to be unsure whether men are capable of love, which doesn't seem to hinder her admiration for Ralph Waldo Emerson - but she is a stone cold incomparable genius of the rant, and in my opinion the reigning monarch of the medium. Plus, I totally agree on this one. Culture is NOT sacred.

Culture. Culture culture culture. I am sick and tired of culture. I am sick and tired of the retards who are trying to preserve culture because they think it’s sacred or something and they worship it. Culture’s not sacred. It’s guk growing in a petrie dish. A set of behaviors upon the successful assimilation of which a given individual is ruthlessly judged by her prejudiced and parochial peers.

Why would anybody want to get involved with that? Keep your culture offa me, freak!
Check out this dipshit assistant minister of culture and heritage from Fiji, who has been bitten by the popular culture-worship bug, and who recently announced to her constituents that "human, women’s, children’s, and individual rights are eroding the indigenous national identity." She wants women to "accept only what is in accordance with traditional culture and values, with particular stress on hairstyles and dress codes."

Plus, she blames the Patriarchy, which deserves every ounce of blame.