Thursday, December 01, 2005

Echidne debunks Hirshman

Thanks be to Echidne for debunking the annoying
article by Linda Hirshman in American Prospect that is suprisingly well-admired in the feminist blogosphere.

My only disagreement with Echidne is that she seems to feel that in spite of the evaporation of the entire premise of the article, Hirshman still has something of value to say.

I say to hell with Hirshman. There's nothing in her article that hasn't been said better in the blogosphere or by Katha Pollitt.

And then there's the truly offensive bits, like where Hirshman suggests that elite women's noblesse oblige will lead us members of the hoi polloi to the feminist promised land. And where she claims that feminism is to blame for this non-existent revolution by not being dictatorial enough about women's choices.