Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Zak Morgan: tomorrow belongs to him

I am a Facebook friend of John Gorka, author of the immortal "I'm from New Jersey" and Gorka posted a message in opposition to Trump's policy of kidnapping children and then holding them hostage so he can achieve his anti-immigration policies.

Turns out Gorka has more MAGAt fans than you would expect for a singer-songwriter.

And one of them is a folk musician, by the name of Zak Morgan, who seeks to demonize immigrants as drug runners, human traffickers, gang members and terrorists.

This is a man who has regular contact with children. He has gigs coming up all over Ohio and Kentucky.

He has an obligation to inform the parents that he supports the policy of kidnapping children. Especially if any of them are Latino, because if Trump is able to suspend due process as he wants to, the children of citizens who "look" illegal might very well be snatched as Krugman pointed out.

I told Morgan he has the obligation to inform parents of his position on child-snatching but he declined to say he would. I believe it's because he's a sniveling chicken-shit Trump supporter.

 I wonder if Morgan will ever perform at a Trump rally. He could sing this volk ditty: