Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Zak Morgan and his Putinbot friend

Facebook is of course still infested with Putinbots and I outed one today while arguing with one and its fellow Trump-lover Zak Morgan.

I asked this one several times to repudiate Putin - and although he continued to read the thread - I know because he clicked "like" on Zak Morgan's comments - he refused to do so. No doubt because then he wouldn't get paid. And possibly poisoned.

What must it be like to know you're in agreement with an agent of Vladimir Putin?

That's what it means to be an extremist - I think Zak Morgan is a far-right extremist who agrees that Trump has the right to snatch children away from their parents and hold them hostage.

I think the people who allow Morgan to associate with their children should know what he really thinks about the parent-child bond.

Morgan wanted me to link to the conversation, claiming I was misrepresenting him. Wish granted

Here's when I first demanded that the Putinbot repudiate Putin. At the bottom of the screen cap we see Zak Morgan, once again, equating immigrants with criminals.