Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bizarre video of 21st century man

Speaking of 21st century men (like Justin Trudeau) here is a very odd video - it's a documentary about people who participated in demonstrations in May 1968 in France.

This is what it says at francetvinfo - Google Translate didn't do a great job with it though...
It's a surreal scene from La Traversée *. In this excerpt of the documentary made in 2017, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Romain Goupil, two figures of May-68, argue about the interest of going to interview Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee. But the director is against, believing that the film will lose its irreverence. 
"It's full of gilding the Elysée, it's not neutral, protests Goupil.You will become Mireille Dumas or Karine Lemarchand who wants to have a confidence!" And Cohn-Bendit, seated at a café in Frankfurt (Germany), replies: "But why are you so frozen?"
While they bicker, the frame makes appear Emmanuel Macron, sitting between the two men, waiting wisely, looking amused. The president then addresses Daniel Cohn-Bendit: "What you could do is meet him in a cafe, it would be a nice nod for someone who messed up at the university. , 50 years ago in France. "

So what this all means is that the film-maker is arguing with this guy about Macron, and then suddenly we see that Macron has been sitting right there the whole time. You can watch it for yourself:

I can sort of understand some of what they are saying - it's my goal to eventually get the whole thing.