Friday, October 06, 2017

Robin DiAngelo's sleazy dishonorable career continues

DiAngelo was recently given yet another free advertisement for her career of capitalizing on racial resentment through lies and exaggeration, this time by Michigan public radio.

And she was in usual form, providing no data backing to claim white progressives are racist. 

I assume she is including Heather Heyer and any other white person who lost their life while opposing racial injustice.

I've never known a self-described progressive who hasn't thought long and hard about ethnic injustice in this country, and who hasn't rejected claims that one "race" is better in any way than another - not to mention questioning the bullshit concept of race itself which was invented by white supremacists.

Progressives are aware of the racist system - so who are these alleged progressives who are so stupid and ignorant and need Robin DiAngelo to tell them what's what?  They don't exist. Just like the alleged whites, who DiAngelo claims think Jackie Robinson succeeded in "white" baseball only because he was the first non-white good enough to play in white baseball, DiAngelo INVENTED these racist progressives in order to advance her stupid sleazy career. 

Because Robin DiAngelo's livelihood is based on selling her cure for racism - you have to pay her to come and speak at your business or college. Only then can you be considered one of the good whites. DiAngelo operates in the grand tradition of all sleazy con-men and snake-oil salesmen and witch hunters. 

The only way you can be free of the curse of racism, if you are white, is to give Robin DiAngelo money.

And why should anybody be surprised that DiAngelo is making a career out of racial resentment? Racial resentment is the entire basis of the Trump presidency. Different "races" but the principle of demonizing people of other ethnicities is exactly the same. And it's always a winning strategy because hating the Other of a different ethnicity is the basis of most human societies - of any "race."