Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Macron Anniversary

The Macrons have been married for 10 years today.

There are excerpts of their marriage video in the documentary Macron, la stratégie du Météore.

I had two different therapists tell me I should date "older men." I made clear to each of them that I had no objections to dating a man my own age, or even a little older, but that I wouldn't rule out younger men either. So it was evident that what they meant, but I couldn't get either of them to come out and admit it, was that I should only date "older men." Because, you know, we live in a misogynistic patriarchy and it's never going to change.

At that point I fired each of them - the first one after seeing her for three years, the second after only four months - but I gave the second one warning right when I began seeing her that I fired the first one for telling me to date older men. So she should have known better.

I think part of the problem is that these two women believe that marriage should be at least in part about how much money the man has. Their minds are totally stuck in the old model of heterosexual relationships. 

Women making their own money changes everything. Had Bridgette Auziere been a traditional French housewife, instead of having a career of her own as a teacher, she would not have had the option to leave her husband and take up with such a young man.

Every time I think about the Macrons I'm tempted to send a postcard to each of my ex-therapists that says "suck it, bitch." I'm sure had Bridgette Auziere gone to either of them in the early days of her relationship with Emmanuel, they would have told her to end the relationship. Immediately. And she would have missed out marrying the love of her life, not to mention becoming first lady of France.