Thursday, October 05, 2017

Renoir sucks at drawing too


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently holding an exhibition of drawings, including work by Ingres, so I'm definitely going.

They also unfortunately include a drawing by Renoir which demonstrates that not only did Renoir suck at painting, he sucked at drawing too.

The drawing in the exhibition, the bottom image in this post, displays Renoir's faults evident in his painting, especially the stupid cow-like appearance of the subject's face and indifferent background and boneless body and indistinct fingers; and on top of those, this drawing also includes a bizarre right arm - not only much too long for the figure, but the upper arm is thinner than the lower arm.

In constrast to the Renoir are gorgeous drawings by Degas and Ingres. Two very different artists with very different approaches in the drawings, but both clearly far superior to Renoir. 

It's true that I have critiqued Ingres for weird-looking limbs, but every other aspect of his work makes up for it.

Renoir sucks at drawing too