Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Discutons le mot plus interdit en anglais avec un video en francais

Voila un video tres amuse qui discute les utilises de mot "fuck."

Le mot "fuck" c'est le plus interdit des gros mots dans la langue anglais.

Je vais traduire pour vous.

Hi, what's up, I am Remi Blacc and today we are going to see how to use the word "fuck" the best-known English word throughout the world or the word that American kids call "the F word" to avoid punishment. 
"Fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck" is used in so many ways. The reason you hear it everywhere is because it is one of the most versatile and interesting words in the English language. Yes! You are going to see. Yes! 
So many ask me: 'is fuck the profanity to absolutely avoid? Ummm no! Although it is better to use it sparingly, it gives strength and passion to your ideas.
Obviously you are not an idiot so you are not going to use "Fuck" in a job interview, for example: "I want this fucking job" or when you met your in-laws for the first time or even the tenth time: "I fucking love your daughter."
"Fuck" may be used to describe a wide variety of emotions. This tiny little word can express depending on your intonation: pleasure, hate, love, anger or pain. Fuck is truly a grammatical chameleon and you can use it as a verb, adverb, adjective, noun et cetera.
As a transitive verb which means it is followed by a person or thing: "Mike fucked Ashley. Ashley fucked Mike." or "They fucked each other." Ultimately we don't care who fucks who. As a transitive verb "we fucked like crazy."
It is important to understand that "fuck" does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. For example as an adverb: "I ate way too fucking much!; I fucking love Paris."
Fuck is often used to give more color and intensity to an adjective: "Brittany is fucking gorgeous."
Don't say "fuckingggg" it's not Marseillais in Los Angeles. The "g" is silent and you say "fuckin'" 
Pay close attention because the placement of "fucking" is super important. For example to describe your best friend you could say "I fucking like him." But don't say "I like fucking him." instead of "I fucking like him" If you say "I like fucking him" you have said you like to have sex with your buddy and therefore you are gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, to each their own. But if you don't want to reveal a hidden homosexuality say instead "I fucking like him." 
Speaking of the placement of "fuck" you can also put it between two parts of a particle verb: verb plus "the fuck" plus the particle:
Shut up -> Shut the fuck up
You need to wake up -> You need to wake the fuck up
More on -> Move the fuck on
Fuck can also be a noun: "I don't give a fuck!"
You can also graft "fuck" onto an existing word. Absolutely plus fuck becomes Absofuckinglutely. 
Fuck is a Swiss Army knife you can take out for any situation imaginable. For example if you want to say you were taken advantage of you can say "I got fucked on this deal." 
When you want to say you're in trouble and you want to express despair: "I am sooooo fucked..."
If you want to be intimidating: "Don't fuck with me!"
When you are perplexed: "What the fuck." 
"Fuck" gives force and intensity to your questions: "Who the fuck is he? Where the fuck is the bus?" 
You can express dissatisfaction: "What the fuck is going on?" 
When you want to tell someone bluntly to go away: "Hey, why don't you fuck off?" 
Or simply when you are trying to think of a word: "Yesterday I was fucking... at the mall." 
Fuck can also express joy: "I fucking did it!" 
You see "Fuck" is a very practical and useful word, when you know how to use it. 
A little game to play: who can translate the following phrases?
"Stop being a fuck up and fucking around all day."
"Don't fuck with me or I'll fuck you up."
"Now fuck off."

The rest is him asking you to follow him and leave comments. Some items of note - I have no idea what the expression it's not Marseillais in Los Angeles means in this context. And I find it annoying that the viewer of the video is assumed to be a man, so if you say you love fucking your buddy it means you are gay.

Here is an English language video discussing the same word.