Monday, August 21, 2017

Amber A'Lee Frost gets another excuse to attack liberals

Because of course there's no reason for Amber A'Lee Frost to write an article, even if it's about Nazis, unless she can attack liberals

I will not be at all surprised if it turns out that the Mercers or some other right-wing plutocrats are funding the Dirtbag Left expressly to attack liberals & feminists.

Frost recently published a piece in Current Affairs "against domesticity" -  which she no doubt wrote to bolster her dude-bro bona fides and let them know she isn't weak and girly (although the males of the Dirtbag Left don't write about such things, content to let their moms or a cleaning service handle household chores while they are busy revolutionizing.)

After the de rigueur blaming of "neoliberals" for everything, Frost goes on to quote Rosa Luxemberg:
“The bourgeois woman has no real interest in political rights, because she exercises no economic function in society, because she enjoys the finished fruits of class rule. The demand for equal women’s rights is, where it arises with bourgeois women, the pure ideology of weak groups of individuals, without material roots, a phantom of the contrast between woman and man, a quirk. Thence the farcical character of the suffragette movement.”

Luxemburg, idiotically, fails to make the connection between being denied the right to vote and being denied an independent economic function in society. As if bourgeois women were just naturally inclined to be dependent on men. And so, like the Dirtbag Left's own ladies auxiliary, she makes "bourgeois" women the bad guys in contrast to the good hard-working proletariate women.

The far Left worships Rosa Luxemberg - Frost is the only woman to contribute to their collection of essays about her -  and this gives you an excellent sense of their attitude - as they see it, women need to focus on the Revolution, not their own selfish political advancement, which they consider bourgeois. Luxemburg even mocked the suffragettes, much like the Dirtbags mock Clinton supporters.

The manly Left likes Frost for the same reason they like Luxemberg - she can be counted on to attack women's political aspirations as an upperclass luxury while promoting the manly Revolution.