Friday, December 09, 2016

Yes another post about Justin Trudeau - I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

This video is from 2012, when Trudeau fought a conservative member of the Canadian government for charity. The odds were three-to-one against Trudeau.

You can hear the various dismissive remarks about him from the commentators: they call him a "shiny pony" and refer to his yoga and ballet training, jazzercise, his rope skipping. "He seems like my 4-year-old daughter." "He's a high-school drama teacher and this is called over-acting my friend, he's a dramatic thespian."

Trudeau does not do well in the first round and you can hear the commentators licking their chops for his defeat. The more obnoxious of the two commentators suggests it is a one-round fight.

So it makes it very dramatically satisfying when Trudeau comes back in round two and beats the crap out of "Brass Knuckles" Brazeau. By the end of the last round Brazeau's nose is bleeding. As it said in the next day's National Post: Justin Trudeau scores major upset in Fight for the Cure boxing match over Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Possibly my favorite part of this fight is at the end after Trudeau is declared the winner and he's being interviewed by one of the commentators about Brazeau and Trudea says: "everyone's a winner here tonight."

A speaking of Trudeau's yoga training... 


Fun fact - Pierre Trudeau dated a very young Kim Cattrall. Causing 60 Minutes to believe Cattrall was Justin's mother.