Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trudeaun't go breaking my heart

Hotness Summit
It seems that New York Magazine might be as enthralled by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as I am - I just discovered they have an ongoing series there called Trudeaun't go breaking my heart, the series which dares to ask the question Why Don’t I Ever Run Into Shirtless Justin Trudeau While Hiking? and sadly observes of the meeting between Obama and Trudeau that the Historic Hotness Summit Did Not End With a Kiss.

NYM discusses the wondrousness that is Trudeau:

There are so many reasons to love Justin Trudeau: He appointed a bunch of women to his cabinet. He’s half of North America’s greatest political bromance. He has great hair. But high among them is unwavering dedication to feminism, and declaring himself a feminist.
During an interview with Vox, Trudeau went expanded on his feminist cred. “I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can, and each time I do it gets a huge reaction and the Twitter verse explodes,” he said. “I will keep saying that until there’s no more reaction.”
However there are some women who can resist the Trudeau charm and unsurprisingly it's horrific, hate-filled, right-wing women like the MRA's favorite, extremist nutbar Andrea "Judgy Bitch" Hardie, who is Canadian and who (under a new Twitter identity because she was banned under the old one) called for the assassination of Trudeau.

Isn't there a Canadian Secret Service that keeps tabs on freaks like this? Here's her blog where she provides her city/province. Those responsible for protecting the life of the Prime Minister should look into it.

Her paranoid ranting seems completely misplaced though - the fact that his wife is an unhinged right-wing crank who called for the assassination of their Prime Minister four months ago doesn't seem to have had any impact whatsoever on the career of her husband Dr. Tim Hardie

Andrea "Judgy Bitch" Hardie
This is the difference between the right and the left. I'm pretty sure if Hardie was an unhinged leftist (and there are no leftists as unhinged as rightists as far as I know) calling for the assassination of Trump, Trump's cultists would have forced Hardie and her family into hiding, using death threats they used on a labor leader; and death and rape threats on a teenage girl, who merely criticized Trump.

I left a message on her most recent blog post about Trudeau, asking her if she ever heard from the Canadian secret service for her treacherous intentions. If she responds I will report it here.

Now to get the image of Women Against Feminism's poster girl out of your mind, here is Trudeau and his splendiferous cabinet, putting the Monster-elect's cabinet to shame. O Canada indeed.