Thursday, December 29, 2016

More on the Thrilla from the Hilla

Q. What is the Thrilla from the Hilla?

A. The fight between two Canadian politicians in Ottawa in 2012, one of whom is now the Prime Minister of Canada.

Q. What is Ottawa?

A. The capital of Canada, you dumbass American

I am very sure if you are an American you did not know that Ottawa was the capitol of Canada, because I did not know it until recently (I thought the capitol was Toronto) and even more so because my daughter, who has been to Canada many more times than I have, also had no idea until I told her the other day.

I'm incredibly excited to have discovered the documentary "God Bless Justin Trudeau." I can't believe  it took me so long to discover it, I've been searching on Youtube for videos associated with the Thrilla for days now and although I did find plenty of videos associated with it, including a version of the match itself with French commentary

 - and you can see my video collection here - no references to the movie came up. I only found it because I Googled "posters of Trudeau" and the poster for the movie turned up.

I promptly rented it and will have more to say about it soon. But for now I leave you with this bit which really really amused me. An exchange between Justin Trudeau and his wife. The full exchange, which was shot from a distance by the documentary camera and helpfully captions goes like this:

SOPHIE TRUDEAU (kissing Justin) 
Just do what you have to do. 
I know. 
I really admire you. 
I was put in this planet to do this. I fight and win. That's what I'm good at.  
(unintelligible and not captioned)
But it's true honey! 
You fight from the good place. 
Be humble.

They had been married for like eight years in 2012 so it's interesting that they are speaking to each other, especially Justin, like they just started dating.