Saturday, December 03, 2016

How much does the alt-right love Steven Pinker?

As I noted yesterday, Steven Pinker is a friendly colleague of alt-right favorite Razib Khan and uses the work of alt-right leader Steve Sailer in his own work. But what of the rest of the alt-right - those who are so extreme that Pinker won't even re-tweet or link their work?

They love him so much, and refer to his work all the time in order to bolster their own white nationalism.

Let us look inside the basket of white nationalist deplorables, shall we? Breitbart is ground zero of the alt-right, and their guide to the alt-right is useful.


The gang at Stormfront likes to reference Steven Pinker as "LionAxe" does here:
If you want a milder, more easy-to-show to an anti-racist youth from a popular mainstream authority on human nature, one that not even the garden variety lefties will dismiss as "racist" (don't we all hate it when they do that and shut down), you should show them this excerpt from Steven Pinker's (professor in cognitive and evolutionary psychology, and a canadian jew) book 'The Blank Slate: Modern Denial of Human Nature':
Nowadays it is popular to say that races do not exist but are purely social constructions. Though that is certainly true of bureaucratic pigeonholes such as "colored," "Hispanic," "Asian/Pacific Islander," and the one-drop rule for being "black," it is an overstatement when it comes to human differences in general. The biological anthropologist Vincent Sarich points out that a race is just a very large and partly inbred family. Some racial distinctions thus may have a degree of biological reality, even though they are not exact boundaries between fixed categories. Humans, having recently evolved from a single founder population, are all related, but Europeans, having mostly bred with other Europeans for millennia, are on average more closely related to other Europeans than they are to Africans or Asians, and vice versa. Because oceans, deserts, and mountain ranges have prevented people from choosing mates at random in the past, the large inbred families we call races are still discernible, each with a somewhat different distribution of gene frequencies.

Identified as a "gay masculinist" by Breitbart's guide to the alt-right, Jack Donavan has this to say about Pinker 

During the open bar, a reporter from the online women’s magazine Salon asked to speak with me. She asked me whether or not I thought more women should be involved with “the movement.” Since you never know how they are going to use your words, I figured I’d jot down my recollection of what I said to her, for the record.
I said I thought it was perfectly natural for men to be at the forefront of a political movement, and mentioned that Steven Pinker’s book The Blank Slate had referenced a list of human universals. Basically, the anthropological data from all known human societies shows that men are universally the primary political movers.


Used to be edited by the infamous Richard Spencer of Nazis for Trump fame. Most of the glowing praise for Pinker is from alt-right poster boy Steve Sailer, but Gavin McInnes is also feeling the love for Pinker. McInnes wrote for VDARE too and is considered affectionately a "political punk" by Bretibart. But although he is certainly racist, McInnes' true beat is misogyny and there is much for misogynists to love about Steven Pinker - McInnes gives him a shout-out along with many other famous alt-righters

Deep down, liberals know they are full of shit. They believe pretending to believe all this crap is a means to an end and we’ll all be better off when they run our lives. They’ll lament it on their deathbeds but there won’t be anyone there because they never had kids. History will forget these fools and I don’t give a shit about them. I’m inspired by the people who plow through this garbage and call a spade a spade no matter what the consequences. I’m talking about brave souls such as Ezra Levant, Anthony Cumia, Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld, Kathy Shaidle, Bill Whittle, Jared Taylor, Dana Loesch, A.J. Delgado, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Charles C. Johnson, Mary Katharine Ham, James O’Keefe, John Bolton, Sean Hannity, Phelim McAleer, K.T. McFarland, Mark Steyn, Steve Sailer, Jon Derbyshire, Steven Pinker, Thomas Sowell, Charles Murray, Peter Brimelow, Jonah Goldberg, John Stossel, Doug Stanhope, Jim Goad, Naomi Schaefer Riley, Katie Pavlich, Charles Krauthammer, Kevin D. Williamson, and Garfunkel and Oates. These people don’t lie to win an argument. They speak uncomfortable truths because that’s the right thing to do. They’re the ones who will be remembered because, as Horace Greeley put it, “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings.

Yep, there is much love between Steven Pinker and the alt-right and for good reason - they agree on the essential, inferior natures of non-whites and women.