Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Republican Party has metastasized into pure evil and must be destroyed before it destroys our democracy

It's very unpleasant to admit, but the Republican party has become a cancer on the body politic and must be destroyed.

Per The New Republic:
It is thus tempting to imagine we’ve seen enough to know what divided government will look like in a Clinton administration. But that would be a mistake. The sheer alacrity with which Republicans have thrown political courtesies and democratic traditions overboard in the past months is a warning that as radicalized as they grew during the Obama presidency, they didn’t necessarily hit bottom. Things could get much worse, in ways that are staring us in the face. 
Republicans only flirted with nullification during the Obama presidency, but under a Clinton presidency we could conceivably face a full-blown crisis of one kind or another within weeks—regardless of which party controls the Senate. 
If Republicans retain the Senate, it’s likely that they will prevent Clinton from filling Supreme Court vacancies. Notably, almost nobody in the party is intervening to promise swift confirmation for qualified nominees, to counter those who are promising indiscriminate obstruction. This would amount to a legitimation crisis, unprecedented in our modern history, but astonishingly it wouldn’t constitute the most troubling possible outcome.
So with a Hillary Clinton presidency they are planning to hit her with both bullshit scandals like Benghazi AND dangerous obstructionism, starting with refusal to vote on any Supreme Court nominee.

Thanks to Scalia's death the Republican party has the opportunity to now hobble all three branches of the US government. Their aim is absolute power and they won't stop until they get it. And they are willing to destroy our democracy to do it.

The Republican party is a cancer on the body politic and must be removed as soon as possible.