Thursday, November 03, 2016

Bronte-mania - inspiration strikes

I wrote a ten-minute play about the Bronte sisters and how they first become published authors. Called BRONTES BEGIN it has yet to be produced, which annoyed me but now I'm glad because I was inspired by the Charlotte Bronte exhibit at the Morgan Library and now must update the play.

In my play I do have Charlotte allude to how much she disliked being a governess, but I saw this letter to Ellen Hussey in which Charlotte wrote:
I am miserable when I allow myself to dwell on the necessity of spending my life as a Governess. The chief requisite for that station seems to me to be the power of taking things easily as they come and of making oneself comfortable and at home wherever we may chance to be – qualities in which all our family are singularly deficient.
This must go into my play.