Friday, July 08, 2016

Wine on 20

Well the Upper West Side really does have everything I could possibly want. I happened to be walking on 84th Street, the next block over, when what should I see but a French wine bar - the fourth in a chain apparently, called Vin Sur Vingt.

Oh lah lah! I still haven't figured out why it's called Wine Twenty, none of its four locations are on 20th Street. They seem taken by the fact that vin and vingt are homophones in French.

And look at their wine selection. Tres bien.

On the week I moved in, The West Side Rag reported they were coming, although based on their Twitter account it seems like they only just opened in June.

When I was a kid, I liked to think of myself as a tomboy since, from my earliest days, I could see that boys got a better deal than girls. But as an adult, and in spite of the fact that my daughter and lesbian friends consider me to be kind of "butch" (like Diane Keaton) my tastes definitely run, if not towards the more girly, then the more fancy.