Friday, July 22, 2016

Sophie Blackall and the Caldecott Travesty

Speaking of illustration, what's my arch-nemesis, the draftsmanship-challenged Sophie Blackall up to these days?

Turns out she won the Caldecott Award in 2016, which is the highest award for children's book illustration. The judges at the Caldecott Award must be blind. I'm so glad I didn't go into illustration as I originally planned in college, I'd be killing myself right about now.

She won it for a book called "Finding Winnie" which puts me in mind of Dorothy Parker's review of "The House at Pooh Corner" - Tonstant Weader Fwowed up.

But hopefully this win, as appalling as it is, will convince Blackall that her strength really does lie in illustrating children books and she will stick with that and not submit her "art" to publications where I might be likely to come upon it.

Like this. Ahhhhh!