Sunday, May 04, 2014

OK so it's another new logo

Contacting Mikki Kendall and K. Tempest Bradford was really a formality - I expected neither of them to simply remove their Tumblr posts smearing me, at my request - and when I contacted them they were each as nasty as you would expect a Social Justice Warrior to be. More about that later on.

But Google suggests that you first try to contact the author of the content in question, and so that had to be step one. Now step two is up to Google - let's see if it comes close to its "don't be evil" motto. I've contacted them and have explained the Google-bombing Social Justice Warrior situation to them. Fortunately SJWs are becoming better known thanks to Suey Park - you now have a quick reference when talking about SJWs - you just say "Social Justice Warriors - you know, the people who wanted to cancel Colbert. Yeah, those nutjobs."

In the meantime it's back to work on the J&B production and yes, that is a new logo. I decided the last logo was too wimpy. And this one is right out of the box, I did almost no editing of the font, not even to the ampersand, except for bringing the letters together more closely. Next step: talk to the MITF marketing person and coordinate with Tony, my publicity guy.

And hopefully, soon, I'll have the real dates for the show. I already have my dream team in mind, but I can't cast without the damn dates.