Saturday, May 03, 2014

Mikki Kendall blames the victim

UPDATE: I received a comment in response to this post - most likely the result of one of the Social Justice Warriors posting a link to this blog. This is what the comment said:
"you are so mad that you're racist it's killing me" 
Try to parse that one out. The SJW mind at work. This is why they are both ridiculous and dangerous at the same time - they are always on the hunt for witches and they don't want to hear that witches aren't real - they believe in witches and that's all that matters. So all a SJW leader has to do is point out a witch for them to attack and they go nuts with the mobbing and hatred. This is why their activities and campaigns of hatred (#solidarityisforwhitewomen, #CancelColbert) need to be tracked.

Mikki Kendall, the well-known Social Justice Warrior leader of the mighty forces of Twitter likes to blame the victims of her vicious attacks.

I never heard of Mikki Kendall until I found her smearing me by name, reposting someone calling me a racist because I had the nerve to disagree with the claim that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were/are racists. This was three years ago. And that smear keeps coming up in Google search results on my name.

I just emailed Kendall, now that I finally found a direct email address for her, and asked her to remove the one post from 2011. I did this privately but Kendall doesn't do anything privately - I don't think anybody spends as much time on social media as Mikki Kendall. Not only does she still run a Tumblr account but she tweets incessantly.

So of course when I asked her, privately, to remove her lie about me from her Tumblr account, she took it right to Twitter:

For some odd reason Kendall habitually refers to me in indefinite gender - "they're upset about this post" when she knows my gender and she links to her Tumblr post that shows my name. Maybe it's a way of dehumanizing me, kind of like how that psycho in "Silence of the Lambs" referred to his captive in the basement as "it."

Kendall seems to be incapable of ever admitting to doing anything wrong and so it is absolutely imperative that she try to make this my fault - if only I wouldn't talk about it, her lie about me wouldn't keep coming up the top of Google search results. In the image above you can see her try to make that claim.

However, Kendall is absolutely wrong. Because right after her Tumblr post in Google results is one by K. Tempest Bradford - and until this afternoon I hadn't even noticed her smearing me too and I certainly never talked about it or linked to it.

So sorry, Mikki Kendall, your attempt to blame the victim in this case has failed.

I did contact Bradford today via Facebook and asked her to remove her Tumblr post. I'm not hopeful about the results because she's a known Social Justice Warrior and apparently feels it's perfectly OK to smear random strangers via Tumbr for the hell of it. But maybe she won't be as big a damn intransigent fool as Mikki Kendall.

And while Kendall keeps on lying about me, here's an amusing anecdote- until recently I worked with a woman (she just left the company, thankfully) who felt free to say racist things in the office. The first time she was telling my friend Toye (from Nigeria) how much nicer black people from other countries were than African Americans. And I said to her: "oh my God, shut the fuck up!" I was on my way out the door or I would have said more. But I would have thought that would be enough to give her a heads-up not to say such things. But then three weeks later we were in a team meeting, and she started telling us, apropos of nothing, how weird she felt in the Social Security office in Harlem (dealing with something for her mother) because she was the only white person, and how she took off and hid her gold earrings. And she kept going on like that and nobody said anything.

Well I sure wasn't going to sit through that bullshit, and right in the middle of a freaking team meeting, so I stood up and said "OK, I think this meeting is over!" And only then did she shut the hell up. Later on I said something about this to my manager - one time maybe she was just too ignorant to know. This was the second time and obviously was becoming a pattern.

Now I would have said something anyway, but also it's company policy not to say such obviously noxious things, and so I was doing things absolutely by the book.

And when the manager spoke to this woman, of course she blamed me for it, and a week later, when I was sitting by myself in the company cafeteria having coffee she ambushed me and got into my face and said that she used to feel "safe" with our group, but that I had destroyed that for her. I had the impression she felt I should apologize to her and I was not about to apologize for not only doing the right thing but following company policy.

So she proceeded to retaliate against me, refusing to speak to me, talking shit about me, etc. Because of course she couldn't admit to doing anything wrong - somehow it wasn't her fault for saying blatantly racist things in the middle of a business meeting, it was my fault for speaking out against it.

In other words, her attitude was exactly the same as Mikki Kendall's - they can say whatever obnoxious thing they want but woe to anybody who calls them on it.

Just goes to show you that being an asshole absolutely transcends race.

And I am the kind of person who Mikki Kendall and K. Tempest Bradford smear as a racist.

Because they are Social Justice Warriors and so no matter what I do, I can do nothing right and they believe I deserve to be smeared and they think they can do it with impunity.

They believe in just the opposite of MLK - to them everything is about color of skin, and not about content of character. This is how Mikki Kendall does it:

The conclusion is inescapable - Mikki Kendall hates white women. She doesn't see me as an individual human being who might be justified in being angry for being lied about and having that lie show up in Google results on my name - she sees me as White Woman and therefore deserves to be treated like shit.

Unless of course I join the Social Justice Warrior movement like Auntie Di and Lisa Smith and show I'm a member in good standing by attacking other white women. What a bunch of vicious freaks.

If you read Kendall's tweets you will see her lying about me (of course) suggesting that I only contacted her because she's black and claiming I did not contact Rebecca Scott the Mad Gastronomer, who is white, and whose Tumblr was the first one I found smearing me. Because Kendall doesn't care about accuracy or, you know, the truth and so she couldn't be bothered to read all I have written about Scott. It takes two seconds to search this blog to find the many references I made to Scott.

Scott, like any Social Justice Warrior, responded to my request to remove her Tumblr smears against me by doubling down, reposting the smears. And this is how SJWs use Tumblr to silence critics - if you ask them to stop smearing you, they will only repost the smears, which pushes the smears up on Google results - and then say it was your fault for complaining. What a perfect set-up for SJWs in their campaign for social dominance.

Meanwhile, the Mad Gastronomer has been making a name for herself as someone who tells people to go kill themselves.

But Scott's smears no longer come up on my search results at the top - Kendall's do, and the smears of K. Tempest Bradford do - so of course, logically, I would ask them to take the posts down. SJWs don't get logic - but they do get making everything about race, no matter how absurdly they have to stretch reality to make it so.

And of course then there's the more prominent SJW career of Kendall, getting accolades for her bigotry-inspired hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen from Mother Jones and other media outlets. And her insanely sensationalist, unethical piece claiming a doctor wanted her dead for needing a life-saving abortion. Of all the shameful things on Mikki Kendall's resume, that should be the most well-known.

But please Mikki Kendall, by all means write about how you are such a poor pathetic victim of the Demon White Woman - I am ready to contact whatever idiotic media outlet would publish your ethics-free scribblings and tell my side of the story. I know you think you're a celebrity and can smear people without any push-back, but really, you can't.

I should say that Kendall is sort of a celebrity - a Twitter celebrity who was profiled in The Nation's story Feminism's Toxic Twitter wars - Kendall is among the most toxic of all the participants:
The women involved with #Femfuture knew that many would contest at least some of their conclusions. They weren’t prepared, though, for the wave of coruscating anger and contempt that greeted their work. Online, the Barnard group—nine of whom were women of color—was savaged as a cabal of white opportunists. People were upset that the meeting had excluded those who don’t live in New York (Martin and Valenti had no travel budget). There was fury expressed on behalf of everyone—indigenous women, feminist mothers, veterans—whose concerns were not explicitly addressed. Some were outraged that tweets were quoted without the explicit permission of the tweeters. Others were incensed that a report about online feminism left out women who aren’t online. “Where is the space in all of these #femfuture movements for people who don’t have internet access?” tweeted Mikki Kendall, a feminist writer who, months later, would come up with the influential hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen. 
Martin was floored. She’s long believed that it’s incumbent on feminists to be open to critique—but the response was so vitriolic, so full of bad faith and stubborn misinformation, that it felt like some sort of Maoist hazing. Kendall, for example, compared #Femfuture to Rebecca Latimer Felton, a viciously racist Southern suffragist who supported lynching because she said it protected white women from rape. “It was really hard to engage in processing real critique because so much of it was couched in an absolute disavowal of my intentions and my person,” Martin says.
And later...
Mikki Kendall is unmoved by complaints about the repressive climate online. An Army veteran, graduate student and married mother of two in Chicago, Kendall is both famous and feared in Internet feminist circles. Mother Jones declared her one of the “13 Badass Women of 2013”—along with Wendy Davis and Malala Yousafzai—for her creation of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag. But as Kendall well knows, many consider her a bully, though few want to say so out loud. “I kind of have a reputation for being mean,” she says.
So my discussions of Kendall's viciousness is not exactly a newsflash. It's old, old news.