Tuesday, May 27, 2014

J&B Makeover

As a result of consulting with Jay, the MITF marketing guy I've completely rethought the graphic approach to the JULIA & BUDDY production as can be seen here.

Jay didn't like the tag line "love, dysfunction and philosophy" - he felt that "love, dysfunction" is overused, which came as a big surprise to me. He also didn't feel that name-dropping Schopenhauer was especially helpful. So I now refer to him as a "dead German philosopher." Jay liked that, along with the space cowboy and secret affair.

I do feel sorry about using my lovely poster graphic, which I worked on for hours and hours. But it's too subdued and romantic to use in promotion - although the play is romantic, comedy sells better, allegedly, than romance, so I made the design more comedic with the little icons.

And frankly people seem to prefer crass over class when it comes to theater productions, especially for a festival like MITF.