Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My medieval arsenal

I'm doing some hard-core spring cleaning this year and decided to get rid of my medieval arsenal. I've been schlepping these swords from apartment to apartment since the last TAM LIN production, which was 9 years ago.

Since I'm unlikely to produce any plays that needs swords in the near future (or probably ever) I decided to give them away. They need a little cleaning and polishing, but what do you want for free?

Actually, I'm giving the longest sword, the one in the middle, to Troy Acree who played the role of Lord Aberdeen in TAM LIN. In the play the sword was called "Murgatroyd" and Aberdeen had special fondness for it. Obviously, since he named it. Troy was thrilled to be offered the sword.

I also have a groovy pair of riding boots from my JANE EYRE production to give away. If only I knew somebody who could fit them...