Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mikki Kendall pity party

Aw, Aaminah Khan is sad because people won't just lie down and allow the Mikki Kendall bulldozer to run over them without occasionally complaining.

If you want to see the sleazy "journalism" of social justice warriors in action, check this typical move that Khan uses. Right in the middle of an article about "mainstream feminism's gatekeepers" - and in case you're unclear, mainstream always means "white" to social justice warriors - she sticks this in:
It’s true that painting non-white people as menacing, scary, and even savage is not a new tactic. The “angry black woman” narrative, in particular, has been around a very long time and continues to be used routinely, including in characterizations of First Lady Michelle Obama.
The link goes to a Salon article complaining about the way Michelle Obama was portrayed in the Washington Post and the New York Daily News and Business Insider and the Huffington Post* and Wonkette.

Do you see what Aaminah Khan did there? She conflated "mainstream feminism" with all those media outlets. And she thinks you're too stupid to realize that she's deliberately smearing feminists with the sins of non-feminist media. And if you're a social justice warrior you probably are too stupid to understand that's what she did.

Although of all the obnoxious things that Aaminah Khan says in the article, this might be the worst:
It’s worth pointing out that detractors of women like Kendall publish their “critiques” in online publications with huge readerships, leaving their targets left to defend themselves on Twitter or in personal blogs.
How amusing that Khan would say this about detractors of Kendall, when Kendall herself has been published in Salon and Jane and promoted as a heroine of feminism by Michel Martin at NPR and at Mother Jones.

I'm not the only one who has been personally attacked and smeared by Mikki Kendall and her mob of social justice warriors via social media. I recently found this, which explains how Kendall operates:

The facts about me and Mikki Kendall
3. She has a long history of calling people liars about being survivors. 
Even if I was the most racist shit to ever crawl out from under a rock? That doesn't justify her standing up repeated and saying I lie about being a survivor. It doesn't justify her being part of pile ons that consisted of people repeatedly saying I was lying about being a survivor.
#Ibelieveher is important, it is not #Ibelievehersolongassheneversaysanythingoppressive. 
Even if someone lies? By doing this, she tells other survivors that they were at risk of being called liars if Karnythia decided they were awful people. She silences survivors with that tactic. It's harmful. 
She also accused a grieving mother of 'lying' about her babies death and attacked countless other people.

3. She have never acknowledged or apologised for any of this. When people talk about what she's done, they get attacked and she doesn't bat an eyelid.
Mikki Kendall continues to enjoy a media platform and the following that denies that when Ms Kendall is crossed in any way, she behaves in ways that actively perpetuated oppressions.
Those of us with genuine reasons to criticise her get lumped in with those who don't and dismissed. We continue to be subjected to her oppressive actions and it is time this was acknowledged. 
Long story short? I'm sorry she's getting attacked and subjected to many of the tactics she's wielded against others, but I am also tired of being gaslighted by people who insist she isn't a bully and doesn't do this stuff. I am tired of being called a liar by people who self righteously tweet #Ibelieveher until someone tells them about Ms Kendall's past (or the past of any popular SJ advocate) and then they don't believe us.
Mikki Kendall will never apologize because Mikki Kendall believes she has never done anything wrong. And why should she admit to doing anything wrong? It seems that no matter what she does, her media enablers will promote her as a heroine and leader and defend her against any charges of bullying.

And look at the way Khan whines about the one liberal media outlet that isn't quaking in terror of the Mikki Kendall/Social Justice Warrior smear machine:
Why the sudden change? In a word, says Mikki Kendall, who tweets as @Karnythia and curates the site Hood Feminism: fear. Kendall was recently the target of what could only be described as a hit piece by Michelle Goldberg of The Nation, one that called her “feared” and “obsessed.”
Can you imagine what a shock it must have been for the Mikki Kendall brigade when, instead of promoting and praising Kendall, she actually got called out by liberal media for being a bully? It must have felt like they suddenly cancelled Christmas.

To borrow a phrase from Blogmother - you don't have to bow down to Mikki Kendall and the Social Justice Warrior bigotry/smear/bully campaign.

* maybe Khan considers HuffPo feminist because she writes for it?