Sunday, February 16, 2014

Did Mikki Kendall dox Zathlazip?

You are probably asking yourself - did who do what to what?

The heading of this post comes from the article with the same heading from the SJW - Do Not Engage web site run by Will Shetterly.

I only knew "Mikki Kendall" to start with. Mikki Kendall is the Tumblr mob bully slash yellow journalist slash internationally-renowned bigot who used her Esoterica Tumblr account to Google-bomb my name in 2011 because I disagreed with her over whether John Lennon and Yoko Ono are racists for writing this song.

"Dox" means Doxing:
an abbreviation of document tracing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and publishing personally identifiable information about an individual.[1][2] The methods employed in pursuit of this information range from searching publicly available databases and social media websites like Facebook to hacking and social engineering. It is closely related to cyber-vigilantism, hacktivism, and cyber-bullying.
According to Shetterly,
"(Kendall) joined the Angry Black Woman blog shortly before that blog was one of the SJ sites that doxxed Zathlazip, so if she didn't dox her, she was silent when she was doxxed."
So what is Zathlazip? Shetterly tells the story, and oddly the web site Something Awful figures into the story - I recently posted their mocking review of Mikki Kendall supporter Andrew Bellware's movie "Total Retribution."

Owing to my own encounter with the vicious demagogue Kendall, I would not be a bit surprised if she participated. But there doesn't seem to be hard evidence.

However, I was amused by the NPR page that Shetterly linked to - it looks like Michel Martin is doing some damage control on behalf of Kendall. It's pretty fascinating - one of the topics highlighted is "On whether Mikki Kendall considers herself a bully"

SPOILER ALERT - the answer is no. No Mikki Kendall does not consider herself a bully. Watch her excuse herself, with some help from Michel Martin.

Mikki Kendall: I think that I am someone whose anger can be intimidating. Do I think that I can be someone's bully in their mind? Yes. I can't control how people feel about what I have to say. Do I think that it is as cut and dry as, well, I don't like the way you speak to me? Everyone's coming into this big umbrella from different cultural contexts. Do I think from the standards of my community that I'm a bully? No. But I'm not doxing anyone. I'm not calling up trans women's employers. I'm not leaving comments to undermine their businesses, calling their doctors to interfere with their health care. And these are things that are actually happening to people. I am not saying in large articles and national syndicated columns that, oh, well, we're going to talk about toxic culture, but we're not going to talk about all aspects of that culture. ... And we're certainly not going to talk about how people who are feminists and in power can upset, anger and bully someone, and then say, well, I am a victim, when the people they have said something to respond. 
Michel Martin: Well, you know, people can be both. 
Kendall: People don't have to like everything... 
Martin: People can be both. 
Kendall: Yeah.

Who does Kendall consider "her community?" The Internationally Renowned Bigots Malevolent Association?